Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Unforeseeable emergencies happen and can be extremely expensive. Provincial health insurance plans and other insurance such as homeowners’, employee group benefits and credit cards may not adequately provide the coverage required to safeguard you on your trip.

Lost luggage and unexpected emergencies back home are common travel problems which are seamlessly resolved with the purchase of Travel insurance plans. Travel insurance and assistance is our business and we are dedicated to providing exceptional products and services for all your travel plans.

Travel insurance isn’t just for emergency medical situations while you are on your trip. When reviewing the coverage for your insurance you should also consider insuring the cost of your trip with Trip Cancellation Insurance because emergencies can happen before you leave.

The following real-life scenarios demonstrate the necessity of purchasing travel insurance.

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

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Medical Emergency:

A 50-year old woman collapses aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean...

Trip Cancellation:

A family totally prepays a tour package to Orlando, Florida which includes return flights, hotel accommodation and day passes to a theme resort; total cost: $12,000.....

Trip Interruption:

Honeymooners purchase air tickets to Vancouver and an Alaskan cruise. Their flight arrival from Montreal...

Lost Travel Documents:

While visiting relatives in Spain, a senior citizen lost her passport and travel tickets. Without insurance...